Entrepreneurship cannot be taught or learnt from someone else. The very essence of entrepreneurship is that it needs one individual to start something from scratch and run it with his own philosophy and ideology. But, one can draw inspiration from others and take their own decisions and create their own philosophy. "Breaking Out and Making Big" just helps you with that inspiration to carve your own path to success.”

~Rudrajeet Desai

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Starting a business is exciting, but it comes with many questions: Where do I start? How do I choose the right investor? What are my duties as the CEO? And most importantly: What can I do today so I don’t go under tomorrow?

Rudrajeet Desai, co-founder and CEO of Ideacts Innovations, which runs the largest shared access Internet application in the world, iCafe manager, gets right to the heart of these and other business concerns any startup and entrepreneur would have.

He offers tips on how to assess the entrepreneur inside you, make the perfect pitch to an investor, create a business plan, maximise productivity by delegating tasks and build teams to make a `happy people company’.

Written for the new and veteran entrepreneur, Breaking Out and Making Big will help you make that transition from passion to success.

RUDRAJEET DESAI is a 36-year-old, first-generation entrepreneur in the Consumer Internet, SAAS and Mobile space. He is the Founder and CEO of WorkApps Inc, an Enterprise Work Management SAAS company. His previous startup Ideacts Innovations, an Internet media and technology product company operates the world's largest cyber café advertising network under the brand iCafeManager. His ventures are funded by Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital and Sri Capital. He is a Board Director with two other Startups and has mentored many others.

Rudrajeet started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2006, when he quit his dream job as a business manager in the mobile marketing team of Group M India. Since then, his entrepreneurial experience includes bootstrapping Ideacts for two years, building a team of 220 people, taking the company through three large strategic business evolutions and two downturns, raising three rounds of funding, one round of cost cutting, doing active sales, product management, operations, alliances, assisting the finance team, cracking deals with clients and partners, fighting and working hand-in-hand with co-founders, team members, clients, investors and helping a new CEO settle in, take charge and exit while remaining an active chairman in the company.

A poet and philanthropist otherwise, Rudrajeet was rated among the 5 hottest entrepreneurs in a survey done by Businessworld in 2010. Prior to taking the jump, Rudrajeet has worked in Cadbury India, BPL Mobile, Mobile2win and Group M.

Rudrajeet Desai